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Edward The Second
Passionate Shepherd To His Love
Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus


1564 was born the son of a well-to-do shoemaker and a clergyman`s daughter.

1584 he earned his B.A. at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

1587 he earned his M.A. at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. At first Marlowe was refused his M.A. degree due to suspected Catholic sympathies, until the Queen`s Privy Council intervened on his behalf.

1587 Tamburlaine the Great

1589 He spent two weeks in Newgate Gaol, charged with murder, though he was later acquitted.

Approx 1592 Doctor Faustus

1593 Thomas Kyd, roomate and friend of Christopher Marlowe was captured and tortured by the Queen`s Privy Council

1593 Christopher Marlowe`s death in 1593 was as shrouded in mystery as his life was clouded by controversy. The long-accepted version is that he and a close friend, one Ingram Frizer, dined in a tavern in Deptford. The two men quarreled over paying the bill, and in the fight that followed, Marlowe grabbed Frizer`s dagger and attacked him from behind. Frizer managed to wrest the dagger from Marlowe and stabbed the author fatally in the eye




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